Meet the Family

Notice: There are 8 people in our family, so buckle up!

Stephanie (Mom): She’s raising 6 children, homeschooling all of them, and not going crazy – it’s obvious that she’s the definition of a real superhero.

Anthony (Dad): A helicopter pilot, dad, and expert hair stylist…the perfect package.

Ava (author, age 13): A fan of the arts, education, athletics, and knitting, I’m going to document our travels for your amusement.

Luke (age 12): He enjoys sports, playing piano, and making the rest of his family laugh.

Caris (age 10): If there’s a tree to be climbed or a brownie to be munched, you can be sure that Caris will come through for you.

Juliet (age 7): This kiddo loves swimming, biking, and running…we should enter her in a Triathlon!

Livia (age 4): In her spare time she enjoys freestyle dancing, getting her hair done by big sister Ava, and coloring masterpieces.

Levi (age 10 months): The newest member of our clan has quickly made a name for himself. 5th tooth coming in, crawling, and standing up clinging to the couch–our sweet baby’s getting so big so fast! His favorite activity (besides cuddles) is climbing on to our tiny trampoline and bouncing away.