Knitting Term Decoder! (for non-knitters and knitters alike)

We’ve all heard those craaaazy words that knitters seem to come up with. For example, why on earth would “frogging” be mentioned when all a person seems to be doing is UNdoing their work? This article is here to help non-knitters (and knitters!) finally understand that mysterious knitting slang.

Ripping back–Doing what all younger siblings want to do, and pulling the string so your work unravels…to a point. You’d do this if you had a mistake in your work.

Frogging–This is the same as ripping back (see above). Say “rip it, rip it, rip it” three times fast, and you can see how ripping back is also called “frogging” your work.

Stash–A knitter or crocheter’s stockpile of yarn.

DPN–Double-pointed needles, used for knitting small items like socks in the round.

Circs–Knitting slang for circular needles.

CN–Cable needles! Unbeknownst to most beginner or intermediate knitters, turning a cable is not difficult! It simply involves knitting certain stitches from a certain cable needle. Don’t worry about busting the bank, though–you can use a cable needle, double-pointed needle, or like me, any circular needle (treat it like a very long DPN). For a fun first cable project (you’ll get really good at it what with all the cables) check out Heather’s Messy Bun Hat Pattern

If you have any questions about these code words, or you’ve discovered another, please let me know in the comments section below. I hope this was helpful!


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