You’ve Got Bunnies On Your Toes

Hi all! Because of my increasing interest in the craft, and my eagerness to share it with others, I’m creating a new section of my blog–a knitting section. The first project I will feature is one created for the cutest baby I’ve ever seen-the newly 7-month-old James Schwarz. I’ve been knitting a pair of bunny slippers for him since August and finally finished them this afternoon! I got the pattern from a loaned book (Red Heart Super Saver Creature Comforts), and though I made the smallest size, they’re a bit too big for him. But no worries-they’re the perfect size to fit him when we take a trip to Washington, D.C. this upcoming December.



Knitting isn’t new craft for me. I actually began taking lessons preceding our first move at around the age of 10 or 11. I finished a scarf and started a hat before the craziness of moving distracted me from the project. It was at least a year and a half (and we were once again in California, living in a rental) until I dug up the hat from a box and decided to try my hand at completing the project. It took several tries (including doing it upside down) to get it right, but I finally had success and now have the hat in my winter hat stash (hey, I’m a knitter!). I have now progressed to everything from the aforementioned bunny slippers to fingerless gloves to a wide variety of knitted charms. I look forward to sharing these projects with you – happy crafting!



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