Crochet on a Knitting Blog?!?

You read it right, folks! There IS a crochet mention on this knitting blog! Though I don’t reveal it to just anyone, in my younger, knit-free past I have dabbled in crochet. (Gasp!) However, I was only 8 or 9, and all I learned was to “go back over” as I called it. I recently became interested in knitting with plarn (plastic yarn, made from plastic bags) but sad as I am to say it, knitting plarn is very, very difficult. The plarn sticks to the needles and makes sliding the stitches up and down a hassle. One of my friends (the same whom I taught to knit!) recently made her own crocheted bag–out of plarn! She actually gave me her pattern (as told her by her aunt) but I wasn’t familiar enough with crocheting in the round to feel comfortable with it. Adopting a tactic seen by a family friend, I decided to crochet a rectangle and fold it over to make a bag. Nothing easier!


For this bag, I can’t remember how many I chained to make the main compartment. (Look at me, throwing around crocheting terminology like I know what I’m doing! I honestly have NO IDEA how this happened!) 🙂 All I know is, the base measures about 13 inches tall by 15 inches wide. But I do know how to make the handles! 🙂 I chained 55 with a size J crochet hook (I wanted it to be made fast) and went back over one side, then went right back over the other side. Done! This is the definition of an easy “pattern” (I made the whole thing up in 2 seconds) and you can easily modify it to make a larger tote/bookbag. I just wanted a tote big enough to hold a notebook or two or my dance things. You can use whatever colors you want-I used the handiest, which turned out to be grey and white. I would have coordinated the colors, but I reused some plarn from a knitting attempt–no sense letting it go to waste, after all–and that put an end to matching colors. Still, it has a nice charm to it, don’t you think? I’ll enclose a link to making your own plarn below. Have fun making your own plarn tote, and exploring the world of plarn! I will say that there is one danger…I already have another ordered by my mother! She wants a larger grocery bag, so I’ll need to make the next one larger. I’ll keep track of my chains so that I’ll have a real pattern to share next time! 😉


Learn to easily make your own plarn at:

If you learn visually, here’s a great link for just that (plus a real tote pattern):



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